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Old Carbine Tequila comes in gun-shaped bottles

Monday, January 9th, 2012 | Posted by

These two-foot-tall Old Carbine Tequila bottles are $49.99 at Costco

Tucked between aisles of party paper supplies and Gingerbread Man cookie decorating kits at the Rohnert Park Costco is a large display of Old Carbine Tequila bottles shaped like guns. They are lined up in the warehouse like some gun-runner’s stash.

Considering the steady flow of news stories about gunfights and deaths in Mexico, where this Tequila comes from, some might consider it a tad tasteless and callous to shape booze bottles like weapons.

The $49.99 rifle bottles come with two shot glasses, although pouring from the two-foot-tall bottle into the narrow-mouthed shot glasses is no easy feat.

What do you think about the weapon design?


  • Chelz

    I don’t think anyone should take offence to these tequila bottles because thats exactly what they are, everyone is entitled to do what they want, if someone chooses to buy this product who are we to judge them for it? I say, who cares, let who ever wants to purchase them buy them and move on, after all it isn’t like theyre holding a gun to our head to buy it! LOL!

  • Heyokus

    Who cares. Get a life.

    • Robert

      Define “get a life”. I don’t think you dictate what others enjoy. This is a cool item.

  • Pezric

    Considering our own government was providing guns to the criminals in Mexico through Operation Fast & Furious maybe they should get behind this tequila!

  • archybarchy

    There was a handgun-shaped bottle out there a while ago too. Big Deal. It’s an apt indicator of what happens to your brain when you drink that stuff. That’s why there’s a skull container out there too. ooooooooooooooooo, how macho. You know what kind of product it’s gotta be when they have to resort to trick bottles to sell the stuff. Cleans paint brushes too.

  • Michael

    Offence, really Chelz? These bottles look like low life Drug Cartel props and Costco should be ashamed

  • Starshine Fairydust

    Big fat hairy deal!!! THIS is considered newsworthy? I’m sure there will be a small sector that will rally behind your war-cry, but are you seriously trying to get a movement underway to outlaw gun shaped bottles? Get a grip.

  • Bbadinov

    Why is it even a discussion of this? are you hoping that the anti-gun people get on the bandwagon, or perhaps spin it into teaching kids to drink at an early age? I am amazed at the media for pushing this type of garbage.

    • GoAT

      Why do all the anti-gun cry-babies have to make a huge deal out of such a miniscule thing. I think it’s time for some people to get a life and stop worrying about stuff like this…

      • Robert

        If they didn’t worry about this, what would they do? Actually get up out their chair and see what the real things to worry about? Naaaa. Lozers!

  • rounder pounder

    Tequila is how giant scarry dingbats get the pickle. Not how they propagandize against commen cents.

  • apryl

    i bought this rifle bottle as a gift for my man this past fathers day he loved it and i think it is a cool addition to our bottle collection and i am a person who is not a gun fan…..i think people should appreciate different things and not take everything so seriously

    • Sandra Anfang

      Tell that to the parents of twenty first-graders in Newtown, Connecticut.

  • Sandra Anfang

    I think this is a disgraceful product, and I was disturbed to come across it at my local Costco (Rohnert Park) today. I had just heard about the shooting of 27 people at an elementary school in Connecticut. Had I not heard about it, I’d be just as upset. Mass shootings are getting more and more frequent, and guns are responsible. As for those who might say “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” please remember that guns can’t fire themselves. The shooter used a rifle very much like this one. We are in dire need of gun control legislation. Seeing this product, especially at holiday time, was truly abhorrent. As if guns weren’t bad enough, pair them with Tequila and you have a recipe for disaster. Stores make political statements by what they choose to sell. I, for one, won’t be shopping at Costco until this product is removed. I’ve registered a complaint with the headquarters in Washington.

    • Tayler D

      Your argument collapsed on itself, thus proving what an idiot you are. {“guns don’t kill people, people kill people” please remember that guns can’t fire themselves} you’re right, guns can’t fire themselves, so that goes to show that people kill people. And the shooter didn’t use a rifle at all like this. The most you can do with this is break it over someone’s head. Get a clue…

  • Steveb

    I just saw these bottles today at RP Costco and considering the mass shootings in CT & OR by 20 year olds. Wonder why, cause all our kids see is guns everywhere. Promo ad for manhunt video games on my facebook page today. Billboards all over the city promote violent video games. To say this doesn’t effect our children is like saying Pit Bulls don’t attack people. If your child went on a shooting spree with the gun you have in your house I’m sure you’d feel different. Guns don’t kill people but people brainwashed to think guns solve everything do.

  • John

    Love the product!!! Bleed Heart Liberals that want to take my rights away as a law abiding citizen SUCK. Please!

  • John Crabtree

    Sandra, You said “As for those who might say “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people,” please remember that guns can’t fire themselves.”

    You are correct. They can not fire themselves. Because they will just sit on a shelf if given the opportunity, only when stupid people pick them up and use them do they get a bad name. Ban Cars, Planes, Light Sabers, Ban cell phones as well, how many deaths to they cause a year for driving and texting.


    yep really sad that weapon, getting up off that shelf like that, and taking all those innocent lives, all by itself, just terrible……….. we can speak freely here today, because good guys had guns, and still have guns……………….

  • NJ

    The makers of this product had nothing to do with any shootings in Newtown, Aurora, Columbine, V Tech, or elsewhere. It is a cool bottle. Anyone who thinks they are in bad taste are either immature or biased. If you want to be anti-gun, get out of the best country on earth.

  • Myrtle

    Am I the only one who gets this? Tequila SHOOTERS people!!

    To make this an arguement about gun control is completely asine.

    • Myrtle

      **ASININE… Not enough coffee this morning apparently!

  • cody

    How can i purchase this bottle?

  • oz zy

    guns kill people, and spoons make you fat

  • Del Moss

    This item is more representative of the Mexican Revolution, than anything happening in the USA. We are very proud of the history here. You maybe not so much.

  • Andrea

    I bought 11 of them at Sams club for $19.91/each…..I hit the jackpot!!! Gonna give some as gifts!!

  • shell

    just picked one of these up in MINT condition…I like the way it looks ..no need for political beliefs or where it comes from..what’s it worth? thx shell

  • http://k&gmetalcraft carol jones

    whats it worth

  • Drmgiver

    Designer bottles have been made for alcohol since alcohol has been created. Looks good. I want one.

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