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Rohnert Park considers Hooters restaurant plans

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 | Posted by

By JOELLE BURNETTE / Rohnert Park Correspondent

If you have ever wondered where you can find a Hooters restaurant, you may not have to look very far from Rohnert Park.

At 7 p.m. this Thursday, June 23, the Rohnert Park Planning Commission will be reviewing plans for a Hooters to open at 6099 Redwood Drive. The commission meeting will be held at Rohnert Park City Hall, 130 Avram Ave.

An example of the Hooters Girl uniform displayed at the company website

Hooters is a chain of restaurants and bars generally known for the buxom “Hooters Girls” who wear a uniform including orange shorts and a white tank top. According to the company’s website, “The element of female sex appeal is prevalent in the restaurants, and the company believes the Hooters Girl is as socially acceptable as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, or a Radio City Rockette.”

The company employs more than 17,000 Hooters Girls worldwide (more than 25,000 total employees) in 455 locations. The closest Hooters can be found in San Francisco with seven more in the Bay Area, and in and around Sacramento.

According to the Hooters website, the restaurant is “a casual, beach-theme restaurant known for the Hooters Girls – the surfer girl next door.” The website goes on to explain, “Hooters describes itself as delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.”

What do you think about the Friendly City considering allowing a Hooters to open in town?

  • Nancy

    Really? Bleck!

    • You people are stupid

      Are you kidding me! Are all you people that stupid or uninformed? The Cheesecake Factory would not be supported in RP. It is too expensive! Furthermore, the current chain of places would be an ideal fit for Hooters. And for everybody out there that thinks its a whore house that serves food, you are mistaken. The outfits are reserved with stockings under the shorts and the tank tops cover the entire chest. Also for those of you that are too snooty to go in such an establishment the wings are very good and the rest of the food is better than any of the chain restuarants you currrently have in RP. Not to mention the tax relief RP would get and the overall stimulation of the economy. If they are willing you should not hesitate. I live in Petaluma and would make the truck up there with my wife to enjoy the sports and food. Petaluma tax revenue in RP what a shocker. You people can’t see past your noses. It’s pathetic. Cheers you morons

    • Steve O

      What is the big deal if you dont like oit then dont go in and stop tring to impose your will on others, you act like its a strip club, it is a lame resteraunt that some people like, let them enjoy it for what it is and mind your own business and go to fresh choice.

      • Pat Comstock

        Good points, Steve. We’re addressing the question, “What do you think about the Friendly City considering *allowing* a Hooters to open in town?” Who else recalls hearing from RP city counsel chambers that it would be “unAmerican” and illegal to reject the Walmart expansion plan? As it did with rejection of the Walmart expansion, the RP planning commission can rule however it wants, but if the city counsel subsequently rejects a legitimate restaurant, do taxpayers really want to fight a slam-dunk appeal, while City Hall investigates whether we can afford to keep our Public Safety Department intact? sheesh

  • Rob

    I have nothing against a Hooters Girl or their restaurant. But, is this the BEST restaurant Rohnert Park can lure into town? How about Panera, Chipotle, Macaroni Grill, Pasta Pomodoro, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), and my all time favorite, The Cheesecake Factory?

    • Julie

      Totally agree! Cheesecake Factory would be awesome.

      • Bob

        Cheesecake Factory has some of the most fattening and unhealthiest food.

        I’d go to Hooters for the breasts and thighs….chicken ones people! Get your mind out of the gutter

    • Chris

      Hey, when you hear that their wings are awesome…THEY ARE. And there phillycheesesteak sandwiches are actually great.

  • http://yourpipedreams.com Stephen Smith

    It’ll go good with the casino and the shooting range. Thematically it’s a good pairing with In and Out Burger. Let’s throw in some illicit massage parlors, a dirty book store, a pot club, a methadone clinic, and let this sleepy bedroom community become the hell hole of vice it’s always wanted to be. It’ll be good for the economy.
    Basically anything that’s a nationwide/ worldwide chain that’s based in another state is good for the economy. Just ask one of those SSU professors.

    • Otto

      A shooting range=bad? Do explain…

  • Gary

    Oh jesus, are you kidding me?? Now I know that RP isn’t exactly what you’d call a bastion of high art or culture, but this is just a little revolting, isn’t it? I also know that there is a fairly sizable red blooded male contingent in this area, so I’m sure they’d have somewhat of a frat boy following, but blechy!

    • Soozie Q

      I love that people bash Rohnert Park. People that don’t live, work or even spend time here. Yeah, Petaluma, or wherever Gary is from, must be much more highly cultured and have a much more intelligent population. Not.
      As for Hooters? Like the Joan Rivers book title:
      Men Are Stupid . . . And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery by Joan Rivers and Valerie Frankel

  • John M

    With today’s economy, we need all that a new business can offer such as employment, tax revenue, etc. Hooters is not even close to a strip club and brings no crime. It should be approved just like a Baker’s Square type restaurant. If people think it exploits women, then don’t partronize the establishment. I think it should be approved we need it!

  • Electric bike rider

    I say Yes To hooters, bring the change to this boring town think of the TAX revenue!

    • Crystal

      @ Electric bike rider yep let’s bring change to this boring tumbleweed blowing town lol.

  • Common Sense

    About fricking time!

  • Tom in Santa Rosa

    Now is not the time to be overly choosy with a dwindling tax base. Of course it should be approved.

  • AC

    RoPo, continuing the tradition of class.

  • Catt

    Yep! Sonoma County just gets classier and classier…

  • Julie

    So much for a Family Oriented City. Isn’t that what Rohnert Park is based on?

    • Crystal

      Your right Julie to an extent …it’s great to have a family oriented city but not one that has no life or any entertainment within it’s atmosphere really both Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park are absolutely BORING limited entertainment nothing much to do for kid’s but local out of date parks .
      these towns need life breathed into them and I really hope they bring The Cheesecake Factory among many other popular places like Red Robin , T.G.I Fridays and P.F Changs . The problem here is that people have a problem with change and growth that’s the problem people don’t want to get out of their comfort zone .

  • June Alexander

    What are our council members smoking? “Rohnert Park, the Friendly City”????? Yeah, a little too…This is a ridiculous idea.

  • xman

    Actually, I think it’s a great idea. It’s way too close to me, and I’m on a new diet. Since I’d never go into a Hooters, that supports my diet!

  • Kellen

    Please no… what a mar on the landscape and a indictment against the town. I’m all for the tax revenue but I’m also for one of a million other choices.

  • Outlaw


  • Chris

    Besides everyone’s remarks that it degrades women and such, it will bring jobs to the area as well as much needed revenue. RP should approve this. Yes, the ladys are dressed in tight clothing, but people will come to RP now…and just think about it, this is out of the box thinking. If someone (mainly men) come here to eat, they just might hit up our local retail stores. Maybe other business will come here.
    As for the food, there is no problem with it. Families can go there as well. Their wings are awesome, the Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches are great as well.
    It’s time not to be picky, we are losing jobs here in RP, we need jobs to come here. Stop trying to be on the Morale High Ground, because guess what, many of us have evil deviants inside us, and this place isn’t a strip club or an escort service.
    RP, do what’s right, bring the much needed tax revenue that is needed into this town.

    • Soozie Q

      I don’t really object to this restaurant on moral grounds, but would prefer a better restaurant to come into town. I’d have no interest in going to Hooters, not so much because of the waitresses, but the gross perverted men that would be there!

      • Celebrate

        Soozie Q,
        I appreciate your concern about “perverted men” however they don’t frequent Hooters it‘s a restaurant not a strip club.
        Walking throughout the Farmers Market Friday evening in RP I glimpsed “summer attire” on young women/girls with a plethora of “perverted men” leering.

  • Kat

    How many of you have actually been IN a hooters…in the day time? My husband, his mother, our 8 year old daughter and I went to the one in SF…the shorts are longer and the shirts are pulled higher during the day to be respectful of the families that come in (how many restaurants do you know who put that much forethought into their “costumes”)…as for being sleazy…it’s tight clothing…look out the window while you’re driving…I’m sure you can see people wearing more inappropriate clothing than what the girls have on in Hooters. It’s really no big deal…it’s not like the coffee shops down in San Jose with women in see through clothing dancing on tables…I mean come on people…it’s hooters. This is a college town and I’m sure there are some college girls who would love to work at hooters to make money for college…the tips alone would probably pay their rent :) Plus…nothing beats their wings…I LOVE hooters wings…and to not have to make a special trip to SF just to get them would be GREAT! And this is SONOMA COUNTY, there are plenty of fancy overpriced restaurants around…so if you don’t like Hooters…go to one of the hundreds of other places that cost an arm and a leg for an appetizer…I’ll be going to Hooters…where do I get in line???

  • drater

    You all are acting like its a strip club. The food is horrible. That is reason enough to not frequent it.

  • S

    Ridiculous idea! My family will not enter the trashy place.

    • Chris

      But I bet you would enter into the Star Restuarant on the corner of 116 and Redwood drive, does the owner still have the women wear short skirts?

      • V

        haha, those shorts WERE helllla short. totally forgot about that !

    • You people are stupid

      S, you have no idea how that establishment is run. You should be informed before you make such a remark. It’s shows how ignorant you are.

    • Crystal

      @ S and that is completely up to you if you don’t ever go there that’s your choice and as for it being a ridiculous idea well that’s simply your opinion nothing more. I’m not to much of a fan of Hooters either but then again I have never been there either so I couldn’t really say …that being said I would love to see The Cheesecake Factory that would be nice.

    • Crystal

      @ S well that’s your choice and your opinion don’t go there then ridiculous is this boring town that needs to be revived really.

  • sjake

    Can RP please consider something with class to go into the Latitude location – my clients would appreciate it.

    • Chris

      Like Red Robin or the Elephant Bar?

      • Crystal

        @ Chris yeah I’m all for Red Robin ohhhh yeeeaahhh.

  • AL

    Question: where are all these other “millions of choices” that RP should bring to town? Business is business, and apparently some investor feels that the marketplace from Santa Rosa down to Petaluma would support a Hooters. If you look at the demographics, they’re probably right. If you don’t like it, don’t patronize it. Some don’t like the taste of Hooters food, some do. Some will eat there, some won’t. But for everyone that complains about (Hooters, In & Out, WalMart, Lowe’s, whatever), they sure don’t complain about the tax revenue coming into the community and the city services they get from those revenue dollars. Where would they be if government provided the services to only those people that supported the business that provided the revenue? Hmmmm … interesting thought, but not practical.

    • Crystal

      Good point Al

  • wildrose4kal

    For those who oppose then voice your opinions – 7 p.m. this Thursday, June 23, the Rohnert Park Planning Commission. Bring your entire family – kids and grandmothers too! There are strength in numbers.

  • snafu

    I say YES! Quite frankly, Hooters will finally be a restaurant where one can go and see well dressed employees who actually look good, speak english, and are not over the hill. I’m fed up with having to be bilingual just to order food, and understand what they say.

    • wildrose4kal

      @snafu – you have a good point!

    • Soozie Q

      I go out to eat a lot and do not run into the problems you describe Frankly, I’d take bilingual over white trash, any day.

      • snafu

        “white trash?” What color are you, and why do you bring a racist comment to this discussion? I’m stating a FACT. If you don’t believe me, go to any ‘chain’ eatery and see for yourself, with the exception of In-N-Out Burger.

        Get back on your meds Soozie Q. LOL!

    • Ken

      Amen Brother, I couldn’t agree more…

  • Kathleen

    Hooters in Sonoma County? Gross. I thought we had more class than that around here.

    • Chris

      When did Sonoma County have class?

    • snafu

      @Kathleen, take a look on Santa Rosa avenue any given day or night, and see all the hookers and adult book stores that draw unsavory individuals there. The Police have their hands full 24/7 with all that trash. At least Hooters will be regulated by the ABC, FDA, and every other agency to make sure all is legal.

      • Crystal

        Good point Snafu true very true

  • Elizabeth

    If this is approved, I will be so disappointed. It’s bad enough they’ve allowed Big Lots, now a Hooters. This is NOT going to lure in families. RP desperately needs families in order to get their schools in order. This is not a good move.

    • Chris

      They need jobs to lure in families, and they need the revenue to lure in businesses that will cater to these families. You people have issues here, no wonder companies don’t want to stay here. Why don’t you just build a huge wall around Sonoma County and burn everyone at the stake because of your morale high ground.

    • Jay

      Rohnert Park doesn’t need families in order to get their schools in order. Our schools are already overcrowded with students, so students are not what we need. We need someone in charge who actually can make responsible decisions when it comes to money spent in Rohnert Park. Do you really think spending $20,000 to rename the middle school was needed?

      • Crystal

        you hit it right on the dot Jay.

    • snafu

      @Elizabeth, If you have or had a daughter and she applied there would you not support her decision to work there?

      It’s tax revenue, that’s all. The days of the brick and mortar stores are sadly going away. But not for much longer, there’s still many of us out there who support ‘local’ establishments first, and then “Big Box” stores.

      It will be interesting to see how the Planning Commission votes. I know if it were in Petaluma, it would be voted down in a second. Especially by commissioner (LOL!) elias.

    • Crystal

      @ Elizabeth what do families have to do with businesses coming to this town the idea of needing more families is completely irrelevant to the topic it’s already bad enough the schools are getting or are already overcrowded. And luring more families isn’t going to resolve the situation how is that going to bring order to the schools , really more families doesn’t mean that things will get better because not all families have good morals or standards keep that in mind.

  • Frantastic

    Seems perfect for the city. It is all run by SSU College kids anyway. It will keep them employed and entertained. Wish we could build housing for them on the west side so they would keep their frat parties out of my neighborhood. Rohnert Park is no longer family friendly.

    • Crystal

      @ Frantastic hey I’m all for family friendly but let the damn town grow and expand for crying out loud if you want a quiet ,boring tumbleweed blowing town then go to the Amish villages really why are people afraid of growth , I just got back from visiting Disneyland in Garden Grove beautiful town I could only wish Sonoma County had as much entertainment and nice name brand restaurants as they do….I actually dreaded coming back to this texas tumbleweed blowing town.

  • Brian B.

    I won’t eat anything unless it’s:
    a) traveled at least a 2000 miles
    b) been frozen for 6 months or more
    c) microwaved until it turns cadaver gray
    d) smothered in a sugary, fatty, salty secret sauce
    e) heated by a 16 year-old chef trainee
    f) served by a willing temptress with a bad dye job, cleavage, the scent of cigarettes and coconut oil, and an eating disorder
    g) accompanied by the dulcent tones of the B-52s, Great White, or Commodores

    Can’t wait!

    • Johnny Boy

      Wait, you mean you haven’t eaten at Taco Bell or Burger King?

      • Crystal

        @ Johnny Boy good point Taco Bell and Burger King mystery meat baahahahaha lmao.

  • DGAF

    If you dont like it, or approve of it or find it distasteful or horrendous, then dont go there.
    Hooters will help pay somebody’s rent, bills, insurance, tuition, car payment… the list goes on and on. Different strokes for different folks people. Times are hard these days. A job is a hard thing to come by.

    • Crystal

      @ DGAF you said it ditto to that .

  • snafu


  • J

    Class in Sonoma County? Riiight….have you seen Sebastopol? LOL

    • Johnny Boy

      Or what about Windsor?

  • snafu

    What we really need is a restaurant like the ‘Fish Grill’ in Mid-City West LA run by the Hasidic Jews. If you ever get down to LA, by all means go and eat at one of these places, FANTASTIC, and reasonably priced. But don’t expect a large menu with all the nonsense items, it’s a ‘Fish Grill’ only, and fresh every day.

  • HootersYes

    Hooters will be a great addition to RP. The only issue will be the local cows that think their bodies are hooters worthy

  • KD

    To RP council, Please check ID’s of the food snobs at the door before the meeting to verify most if not all are from out of town.


  • Ken

    I guess more of my money will be spent in Rohnert Park, too bad Santa Rosa can get with it and bring in any new restaurants. Thank you Rohnert Park. If you need anymore ideas Cheesecake Factory, CPK or Lucille’s Smoke House BBQ

    • Crystal

      @ Ken this town has no idea what’s good for them don’t they know that places like Cheesecake Factory, CPK or Lucille’s Smoke House BBQ or even Red Robin would be a great addition to this county .

  • Greg Karraker

    Years ago, my wife and I, along with another couple, were in Dallas and went to Hooters for lunch because it was the closest choice. The costumes were embarassingly puerile, and the food was even worse than Applebee’s, if you can imagine anything that bad.

    Does it make Rohnert Park a touch tackier? Yes. Does local government have any business acting like the taste police? No.

    To everyone who wants Rohnert Park to preserve its reputation as a center of sophistication, the choice is simple: Don’t set foot in the cheesy place. I know I won’t.

  • Pat Comstock

    A guy can get sexually serviced in at least one existing RP massage parlor, and it wasn’t so long ago that local media reported on a young guy with a studio filming gay porn in RP. Yet now there’s a call to action to reject a legitimate, tax-paying business? What’s next, banning bikinis from city pools, so kids won’t be exposed to more flesh than anyone will ever see in a Hooter’s? Get real, people.

  • David H

    Just think of the much needed revenue this place would generate. If they really want to go for the big bucks, then persuade Claim Jumpers to open in Rohnert Park.

  • Tom

    If they want to invest in Sonoma County , LET THEM!!!!! Its a no brainer

  • Cinderella

    I think Hooters fits right in at RP.

    I wouldn’t go there but I don’t eat at Dennys, Stars or any chain restaurants. It would bring in Tax $$ and create much needed jobs.

    It’s no big deal

  • Kate

    First of all, if some of you people think Hooters will make Rohnert Park tackier, then you need a reality check. Life changes, people change and PLACES change. Just because RP will have a Hooters doesnt make it a nastier place to live. Look at all the other places that Hooters venues are located; theyre not tacky. And let me tell you, RP is not sophisticated either. In other words, things are always changing so you should be stuck in your old ways of thinking and move into the present. If you dont like the place the solution is simple… Dont go there then. I support growth, change and Hooters in RP….P.S. Ive heard its supposidly going in across Boat House Sushi.

    • Crystal

      @ Kate that’s exactly right people are just afraid of growth they feel like they are getting invaded by businesses that actually will bring tax $$ and if they don’t like they don’t have to go POINT BLANK .

  • Kate

    Shouldnt be stuck in your old ways***

  • snafu

    Unbelievable, the Planning Commission passed it!! If this was petaluma, the planning commission and the city council would have been playing ping pong for at least a year trying to make a decision. But it’s not, and now it’s time to look foreword to a new restaurant in So Co.

    Good job Rohnert Park!

    Hey petaluma, and mayor glass(LOL), take a lesson here and quite stalling on the Target Ctr for 5 + years, and wasting the citizens money on consultants fees!

    • Crystal

      @ Snafu that’s what I’m saying bring in the Target centers and the super Walmarts and any other big store that will bring in the tax dough whooooo hoooooo I’m all for it 100000000%

  • snafu

    BTW all you whiners who are against Hooters, where were you during the meeting? Nobody spoke against it, but then nobody spoke at all about it except the Commissioners.

    You have what I call, Internet CJ’s. Next time you complain, do it in person, or not at all! ; – )


    Hooka Bar-NO, Hooters-YES, Wal Mart-NO\YES\? Such willy nilly in determining what is “good” for RP and what gets approved or disapproved……As always, small business is put on the back burner in the “Friendly” City and ginormous “funnel our money out of town” business is approved. City leaders, please walk the walk or give up the “We support Local” talk!!!

    • Crystal

      @ RPMOM please just stop the whining and the complaining this tumbleweed town needs to be revived seriously and it wouldn’t help to even get an entire makeover. if you don’t like Hooters or Walmart or any other big business that comes here then don’t go there it’s simple.

  • Celebrate

    People…. Please Rohnert Park/ Cotati are “college towns” when will OUR residents UNDERSTAND?
    I am a 38 year old woman who has been in a couple of Hooters.With my husband once another visit with friends who wanted to see firsthand what the “noise” was about.

    Believe ME when I tell you it is not what many of you are implying.
    If you have not been in a Hooters you have NO CLUE how silly you all sound!

  • S

    I believe that we are giving our opinions on the subject of the article. Whether or not this establishment comes to RP won’t change the horrible personality traits of some of the posters to this article. They and the poor folks who know them have to live with rude behavior daily. SAD

  • Sergio

    Sonoma county is lame and will allow this.

    • snafu

      “Sonoma county is lame…” Where are your facts Sergio? Unless you’re a newbie, don’t confuse progress with schadenfreude.

  • snafu

    I must chuckle at a comment in the editorial section of the PD a couple of days ago where an, obviously out of touch woman, states that Hooters sexually exploits women by the way they are attired while at work there. To that woman(?) I say, these women ‘chose’ to work there of their own free will, and nobody forces them. They are women who are proud of what they do, are good at it, and know that they can make good money for taking care of their bodies and providing good service in an environment that protects them from exploitation.

    And once again I support Hooters, and any new business that will draw income and jobs into a much needed times of economic hardship.

    • Crystal

      @ Snafu hell to the ya

  • Jasmine

    Personally I don’t mind Hooters every once in a while when I am out of town. But Rohnert Park has enough fast food chains and other fatty places here. I would still and always prefer a Chipotle here in Rohnert Park because they have healthy choices and they always use fresh ingredients and it would be a more family-friendly environment rather then having some girl strutting her way around hooters.

  • Pete

    For the uninitiated, Hooters isn’t just about young women in cheer leading outfits serving hot wings etc. The waitresses are required to flirt with the patrons, at least according to their job handbook, which states that their “job duties require that I interact with and entertain the customers” and that the Hooters concept is “based on female sex appeal and the work environment is one in which joking and entertaining conversations are commonplace.”Sexual harassment is not uncommon. No space here to tell all he stories.The whole establishment is sexist from beginning to end.
    When your entire business model depends on your employees welcoming sexual advances IN WRITING before getting hired, I think it warrants a little more depth of awareness. They may dress like cheer leaders, but it’s a whole different thing beyond that, very little to do with “harmless”. —- always wonder, if the US is such a pro women country, why aren’t there tea/coffee shops and restaurants who cater to what ever women might like. Maybe being served by handsome men in uniforms or athletic outfits like shorts or whatever and flirting with the women customers, making them feel “special”, whether they find them attractive or not .Pleasing their lady customers at all cost. Maybe he could agree to that in writing. And then some of the wives could invite their husbands and kids to join them and watch the handsome guys showing of “their stuff” kissing up to them. Wonder if any husband might not find that “too cool”. LOL

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