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Nothing's written in stone: community input may sway school board's decision

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 | Posted by

I’ve been receiving many e-mails, comments and calls saying renaming Creekside Middle School is an unnecessary and frivolous expenditure. And while some in the district consider this decision as “water under the bridge,” after speaking with one of our school board members, it would appear there is hope the school board may overturn this decision; but only if the community can persuade the board accordingly. (Click here for more of that story)

“Nothing’s really finalized, written in stone,” said School Board Trustee Ed Gilardi. “Because the schools, the decisions we make; it’s a living thing and you never know.” He said he feels he’s in a strange position on this issue. He said he doesn’t want to seem like he’s not a team player, “But at the same time, I’m not happy with this.” His was the sole vote against renaming Creekside after Mountain Shadows was closed and students, teachers and administrators must blend with Creekside Middle School next school year.

Will you write, e-mail and/or call the district and board members to stop them from spending tens of thousands of dollars to rename Creekside Middle School? What will you tell the board and district? Will you go to the May 11 board meeting to support or protest the name change?

If you protest this change and believe, as Gilardi said, there’s a possibility the vote can be overturned, the following is a sample of what you can copy and paste into an email, FAX or snail-mail letter to the school board (see contact information below letter):

Dear Cotati-Rohnert Park School Board:

In light of the district’s current budget deficit and our ailing economy, I ask you to overturn your decision to rename Creekside Middle School. This is an irresponsible and poor use of district funds. Moreover, any related costs over and above the district’s portion would be a burden to parents who will be saddled with paying for painting school colors, name and mascot in the Creekside gym, replacing school signs, purchasing new student physical education clothing, and buying letterhead, business cards and related printed materials for the school.

Changing the school name does not benefit our children’s education and only affects current sixth- and seventh-graders while offering no long-term advantage to future middle school students. Based on the aforementioned issues and the uncertainty of the State’s budget revisions expected to be handed down in May after your board‘s May 11 meeting, I believe the district spending $15,000 to $17,000, coupled with the parents paying an additional $10,000 or more, is unwarranted during a time when the board is forced to make further budget cuts and parents’ own budgets are stretched thin.


(your name)


Here is the district contact information if you’d like to participate in this issue:

Send to the school board care of Theresa Allyn at theresa_allyn@crpusd.org and she will forward your e-mail to the board members.

Snail mail:
School Board
c/o Cotati-Rohnert Park School District
5860 Labath Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

FAX letters: 707-792-4537

District phone number: 707-792-4722

  • Ricardo Soretino

    And let’s not forget the CSMS sign along Snyder at the schools’ entrance was recently replaced… here’s an idea: if renaming the school and replacing the signage is so important to the superintendent and school board, 100% of the cost should be borne by them. Then they would have a few dollars to help bring back those 61 employees that they recently layed-off. Sounds like a win-win, right Ms. Superintendent?

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